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We are Britannica Group, Inc, the world-wide leader at the forefront of the information revolution for 250 years.  We have empowered the way the world teaches and learns, and we continue to pave the way in reimagining discovery and inquiry. Inspiring curiosity and instilling the joy of learning is how Britannica builds the world’s future leaders.



Britannica Kids has just launched a great new addition to the site, Activities Corner. This new feature will provide parents and children resources for skill development activities, projects, crafts, and games activities. 

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has named Britannica a premier partner to combat misinformation and conspiracy theories on their channel.

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Guardians of History™

One of the first voice-driven games that blends premium audio, engaging choice-driven gameplay, and educational content in one package.

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We are built from the rich knowledge of renowned experts and forward-thinkers from around the globe. We continue to be the prevailing trusted source for factual information, anchored in authority, depth, and relevancy.

Serving 140M+ students
Trusted in 80+ countries
1,000 categories
of content
Access to 800K words
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The Britannica Group serves students, families, scholars, community members, and educators around the world. While we may have originated in print, we have evolved into a powerhouse, multimedia educational brand to suit the evolving needs of lifelong learners today.

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For 250 years Encyclopædia Britannica has been the definitive storyteller. Throughout generations, we’ve been documenting human potential through every discovery and innovation. 

Join us as we honor the proud history that has shaped us, and celebrate the future that lies ahead of us. We welcome lifelong learners and partners around the globe as we take our first steps toward the next 250 years.

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